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Glycolic Peel

Epiderma 5 is a scientifically formulated skin care range offering results driven outcomes. The range leads with its 40% glycolic skin peel AHA 40 developed to provide adequate exfoliation without causing damage to the skin barrier. You will not peel. The entire range is perfectly balanced with actives, botanicals and essential oils, offering optimim results and promoting skin health.

Epiderma 5 prides itself in its "green and clean" credentials. It blends Cosmeceutical with Natraceutical. Many products are free from fragrance, reducing the risk of sensitivity. No parabens or harmful, sensitising preservatives are used. No animal testing is carried out.

Ideal for and likely to improve acne and oily skin, fine lines and dry skin, pigmentation, dull complexion and large pores. The peel itself is safe, efective and non-irritating. It is designed to remove the build up of dead skin cells that cause a dull complexion and blocked pores. Your therapist will carry out an in depth consultation and skin assessment before treatment begins. You will be advised how to take care of your skin and the importance of using an SPF, vital following a glycolic skin peel.


£39 per treatmet or £195 for a course of 6 which includes a free 50ml soothing cleanser, toner and moisturiser.


Microdermabrasion is a poweful skin exfoliating treatment that may improve the condition of acne scars and fine lines and wrinkles. It used tiny rough grains to buff away the surface layer of skin. It is one of the most effective anti-aging treatments available as it efficiently exfoliates the skin and penetrates deeper than any other salon treatment.

                                                                                                    Therapist                       Senior Therapist

1 x treatment  (each time 30 - 40 mins)...................................£35.00..........................£38.00

2 x treatment (each time 30 - 40 mins)...................................£60.00..........................£65.00

3 x treatment (each time 30 - 40 mins)...................................£85.00..........................£90.00


The procedure consists of a thorough skin consultation, deep cleanse, tone and moisturise.


Why not add a back, neck and shoulder massage to our microdermabrasion for only £10. We also offer aftercare advice and for those concerned with leaving the salon with no makeup on, then just ask one of our therapists and she will happily apply a specialised foundation suitable for use after the microderabrasion treatment.


The Dermaroller now leads the way in skin rejuvenation. Rolling the skin with tiny needles will produce a very mild degree of trauma. This trauma causes the skin to heal itself, releasing new collagen and epidermal growth factors in abundance. Hundreds or tiny punctures are created using the roller device, these will close in seconds following treatment. Numbing cream is applied 20 minutes prior to the treatment. It should be relatively painless and will leave a feeling of mild sunburn for up to 12 hours. 


What does it do...

  • Boosts new collagen cells - promotes growth factors
  • Accelerates skin rejuvenation - increaces product absorpsion
  • Improves texture - tones pores - fine lines - wrinkles
  • Achieve clearer - smoother - brighter skin
  • Tightens - firms - plumps - hydrates
  • Improves appearence of pigmentation and acne scarring


First treatment is £65 then £95 thereafter or 6 treatments for the price of 5. (£475 instead of £570).


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